Zebra Finch

16 February, 2022

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Making Space To Live The Dream

Have you ever had the desire to start a band? Or, you might already have a group of musicians, lyrics, instruments, a cool band name, but no place to practise or meet up at 3AM when inspiration of a new tune hits.

Oscar, Jordy, Clint and Dale are that group of musicians (Zebra Finch is their cool band name), but as their band grew they found Mammoth Storage and now have a place to practise at any time of the day. The boys have made space to put their dedication towards creating music they are passionate about and have ultimately been able to live their dream by playing gigs locally and continuing to grow their listener base.

Not only does the band practise together, but they also work together at a local cafe – The Island Surf & Espresso. The owner of the cafe, known as Uncle Scooter, has witnessed the boys grow with their passion.

‘The boys can give you a bit of a headache every now and again, that’s for sure. But, it’s been cool watching them become rockstars. You know, tattoos, earrings and gold chains.’ – Uncle Scooter

A shed at Mammoth Storage has given them more freedom than what they would have if they were still in their home garage. It allows them to rock up at 3AM when inspiration of a new tune hits, gives them space to write new lyrics and get stuff off of their chest, let creativity run wild and nurture expression. The shed is where they can live their dream.

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