Why Do People Use Self Storage?

31 October, 2023

What we do with space depends on how much of it we have, but what happens if there is not enough? There are many different reasons why people use self-storage, from storing items for their businesses to getting rid of clutter.

Key Takeaway Table

Key Point Summary
Rising Demand for Storage Increased use of self-storage units due to less living space and the need for remote work setups.
Purpose of Self-Storage Ideal for storing valuables, decluttering, and during home or office downsizing.
Redecorating Storage units facilitate home renovations by providing space to store belongings temporarily.
Moving House Essential for managing belongings during the stressful process of moving, especially in tight timelines.
Stock Storage for Businesses Beneficial for small businesses needing space for inventory management and order fulfillment.
Decluttering Helps in managing space at home by storing seldom-used items securely.
Equipment & Tools Storage Provides a secure and organized space for storing tools and equipment, especially for professionals.
Benefits of Self-Storage Offers protection from elements, convenient access, and enhanced security for stored items.

Given the rising cost of housing and the fact that most of us have less space than ever before, it shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more people are using self-storage facilities, such as those found at Mammoth Self Store. This is especially true when you consider the difficulties of the past year and the fact that many of us have been forced to work from home, even though we may not have enough space for it.

What is the point of self-storage?

It is the best way to store your valuables, keep your home from getting cluttered, and make sure your employees are safe. Moving into a smaller house or office space is another common scenario where people turn to self-storage. If there are certain items that you will not be able to transport to the new location, put them in a storage facility until a later time.

self storage organised

Why do people use storage units?


Instead of moving into a new, more expensive home, many are thinking about how we can update the ones we already have. It does not matter if you are just redecorating one room or your entire house; the likelihood is that you will need a different location to store your belongings to prevent them from becoming soiled, dusty, or damaged during the renovation process. For helpful tips on using storage during redecorating, visit Mammoth Self Store’s redecorating guide.

Moving House

Moving is one of the most stressful life events, and it brings a whole host of issues, problems, and obstacles. The majority of people use self-storage units for this reason. And, let us face it, moving house is not easy, especially if you only have a short amount of time to vacate your current space or if you are in between properties for a few days. Both of these scenarios make moving house a challenge. A self-storage unit is the best way to keep things in order and ensure they are safe. For more information on how storage units can aid in the moving process, check out Mammoth Self Store’s moving guide.

Similarly, if you are downsizing but do not want to get rid of your valuables or keepsakes just yet, renting a storage unit will allow you to keep them without taking up any additional space in your home. This will enable you to make an informed decision about what stays and goes in the future without feeling extra stress.

Stock Storage

Finding storage space for those products can be challenging when you run a company that sells products. This is especially true if you run a small, independent brand based on your home. It becomes a problem when you factor in the additional space required to get your orders ready and post them to your customers, which is especially problematic if you do not have a huge home. Regarding stock storage, using a self-storage facility is ideal for maintaining your organisation and assisting you in storing, picking, and packing orders in a much more streamlined manner. For organising stock in a storage unit, refer to Mammoth Self Store’s organisation tips.


If you are getting low on storage space, ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary to hang on to those leads that you are not quite sure what are for. To a certain extent, we are all hesitant to let go of things that we believe might be useful in the future. However, decluttering not only helps you to create more space in your home, but it also enables you to take control of your home and can contribute to an improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Even if you have not used certain things in quite some time, such as Christmas decorations or children’s clothing, it may be challenging to get rid of them completely. This is especially true of items that you do not need all the time. Because of this, renting a self-storage unit can be extremely helpful because it allows you to easily keep hold of items that you do not use on a daily basis in a safe and secure environment, without having to worry about the items being damaged or stolen.

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Storing Equipment & Tools

There is a good chance that you are already aware of how challenging it can be to store tools and equipment in the appropriate manner to prevent damage. This is true whether you are a professional tradesman or simply a keen DIYer in your spare time. Not only are tools cumbersome and difficult to store, but it can also be very costly to replace them if they become damaged.

A self-storage unit is a choice that is much more secure than leaving tools inside your van or on the job site. It also enables you to better organise your equipment while reducing the amount of clutter in your home or place of business. Our storage units are ideal for storing a variety of equipment, from construction equipment and power tools to spare parts and trade stock, personal protective equipment and workwear, and everything in between. Because each unit can be locked with its own padlock, you can rest assured that your tools are secure.

What are the benefits of self storage units?

You may be wondering: what are the advantages of utilising a self-storage unit? Why, rather than leaving your belongings in your garage or in a shed, would you choose to store them using this method instead?

Protection From The Elements

Your belongings will be protected from the elements, including snow, wind, sun, and rain, when they are stored in the unit. This is an especially important consideration to make when you are storing items that are susceptible to damage from the weather, such as furniture or other items. Additionally, if you are concerned about rodents or other animals gaining access to your storage space, you should be aware that the majority of self-storage facilities have safety precautions in place to prevent this from happening.

why use self storage?

Convient Access

Renting a self-storage unit provides you with easy access to all of your personal belongings at any time. When you have an immediate need for something, this becomes an especially important consideration. You are free to drive up to your storage unit, unload your belongings, and then leave in your vehicle.


The vast majority of self-storage facilities are protected by surveillance cameras, security guards, or both, in addition to having secure locking facilities. This ensures that even the most priceless items in your possession are secure. However, it is important to research how different self-storage units are managed