9 Ways To Make Self Storage Easy

6 April, 2022

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Renting a self storage unit is a great way to help you whenever you need extra space at home or the office. It is also a great way to assist you whenever you are moving houses, moving offices, storing office furniture, or just decluttering. But some people tend to just shove their boxes inside their self storage unit before locking the door behind them. They don’t pay much attention to how they should pack their belongings and organise their self storage unit.

In this blog, we will be talking about the ways to make self storage easy for you and your valuables. In this way, your self storage unit will be kept clean and well organised no matter how many boxes are piled inside.

Getting Your Valuables Ready for Self Storage

Packing your valuables, correcting and using the right materials can go a long way in keeping them in pristine condition. Here are some tips on how you can get your valuables ready for your self storage unit:

Gather Everything That You Need

Before you get started, gather everything that you need, including the supplies that you are going to use. This will include; packaging accessories, marker panes, tapes, cardboard boxes, and other packing materials like dust sheets, old blankets, and bubble wraps.

Choosing the Right Boxes

There are a lot of boxes available in the market, but purchasing high-quality boxes will ensure that your items are safe and secure inside them. If you are using second-hand boxes, you need to make sure to inspect every corner for any damages, including missing flaps as this can make the boxes weaker, thus damaging your valuables. If possible, make sure to use the same box size as it will make it easier to stack them upon each other.

Pack the Boxes the Right Way

When packing your boxes, it would be best to keep the heavier stuff at the bottom of the boxes. The light and smaller boxes should be on top and will keep your valuables safe while avoiding any types of damage. This will also create better stability when you start stacking them in your self storage unit. When packing your boxes, you also need to make sure that you can move and lift them comfortably. You surely don’t want to injure yourself while trying to move your box from one place to another.

Organise In Categories

Organise your valuables by categories, as this will help you save a lot of time in the future, especially when repacking the boxes or finding a specific item. You can do this by grouping similar stuff together or depending on their location within your office or your home. You can group all of your belongings from the bedroom in a box, while keeping your home office items in one box.

Label Your Boxes

As you pack your boxes, it would be best to label them and make a list of where everything is. This will help you save time, while reducing stress when finding the items that you need in the future. You can label your boxes depending on the items or the rooms that they belong in. You can also label them whether they are fragile or delicate so you know where these boxes are. When labelling your boxes, it would be best to make sure that the labels are clear and are easy to understand so you can see them easily even when they are stacked from each other.

Effectively Organising Your Self Storage Unit

Now, once you’ve arrived at the self storage unit, you need to make the most out of the amenities and the support provided. Most self storage locations have loading bays and will also offer trolleys to make moving easier. Here are some ways on how you can effectively organise your self storage unit:

Heavier Boxes First

The first thing that you need to do once you’ve arrived in the self storage facility is to learn how to maximise the space of the unit itself. Place the bulkiest items and the heaviest ones against the wall and at the back part of the self storage unit itself. Stack the rest of your boxes inwards and make sure that they don’t wobble.

Utilise Small Spaces

Once the larger boxes are inside, fill in the gaps or the unused spaces with smaller boxes. To ensure that you will be able to make the most out of the available space, pack them tightly together. Just make sure that they are conveniently stacked and won’t fall if you pass by or get a box in the future.

Keeping the Most Used Items at the Front

If you have packed items that you may use more frequently in the future, it would be best to keep them at the front part of your self storage unit. These items may include seasonal clothing, important documentation and holiday items. This will help you to easily find them and access them when needed.

Utilise the Height of Your Self Storage Unit

If you have large boxes or furniture, including beds or wardrobes, it would be best to place them sideways to make the most out of your vertical space. If there are any gaps, fill the space with softer items including clothes, pillows or duvets to avoid wasting any precious space. Just always make sure to keep the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top for maximum balance.


These are the 9 tips to make self storage easier for you and your belongings. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that you’re packing your belongings the right way and that you’re packing your self storage unit in the most organised way possible. These tips will also make the most out of the self storage unit that you rented to make everything worth it.