Tips For Maximising Space In Your Storage Unit

15 April, 2023

According to SSA UK, more than 2,000 self-storage sites exist in the United Kingdom, with at least 600 facilities offering container storage units. Storage solutions become necessary when relocating to a new home or your business is expanding and you require extra space to keep your stock. This article seeks to shed more light on how to maximise space in your storage unit to enjoy its full benefits.  

How can you maximise the space in your storage unit?

Admittedly, approximately 2% of UK citizens adopt self-storage solutions. And the good news is that our storage spaces are generously spaced to accommodate your needs. And knowing how to leverage your storage unit can help you get the most out of your investment. Here’s how to do so.

Use all available storage rooms

We understand the importance of getting value for money, so we encourage you to utilise all available spaces in your compartment. If you have enough items in your locker, you can stack them to the ceiling while leaving spaces between your boxes.

Prepare your store inventory

Admittedly, forgetfulness can set in at a point in time, especially when you intend to store your properties for years. For this reason, we encourage you to prepare a storage inventory to help you precisely locate your items in their various rooms. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your belongings. 

The dryer your unit is, the better

Keeping your unit dry and airy is sometimes a good idea. A moist-free space boosts the longevity of your belongings, so allow a little room between the walls and your boxes to improve air circulation.

Remove fuel from equipment before storing

Perhaps some items, such as gardening equipment, contain fuel. In that case, we strongly recommend that you drain the fuel before storing them to minimise the risks of fire and condensation building up in the facility.

Avoid overloading and underloading

Overfilling your boxes can make it harder for you to lift them, not to mention the risks of damage. Conversely, underloading means you are under-utilising your space. Knowing the right balance can help you utilise your storage smartly without damaging your belongings.                              

How can you organise your self-storage unit to maximise space? 

When investing in self-storage facilities, a little consideration for a good organisation can save you a lot of space, and here is how to do that like a pro.

  • Wear your cleaning gloves: the first step is to clean your storage unit to eliminate dirt, waste, and other pollutants. This way, you can get more space while eliminating the risks of contaminating your belongings.
  • Disassemble your furniture: if your furniture can be disassembled, don’t hesitate to do so. Taking your furniture apart will free up space in your unit. Consider doing this to tables and chairs you don’t frequently use at home.
  • Mark your boxes: mark your boxes, particularly when sharing your unit with others. When dealing with 10 to 20 boxes, labelling them is your best bet to finding them hassle-free.
  • Know where to place your fragile items: plastic boxes are sturdier than cupboards, so you may want to keep your fragile stuff like ornaments in them. Outdoor plastic containers may be ideal for keeping your most valuable fabric from damp conditions.
  • Be careful with your packing: pay extra attention, as you don’t want to damage your favourite possessions. It’s better to use a mattress protector to cover your mattress and put some dust sheets on your furniture.
  • Heavy items should be placed at the bottom: it’s important to pack the heavier items at the bottom with the lighter items riding on top to prevent deformation and instability.
  • Your frequently used items should be packed last: you may use your storage unit as your spare shed, so packing frequently used items last is strongly encouraged. The idea is to avoid the stress of clambering over many things before reaching your everyday materials.
  • Discard unwanted items: it may not be prudent to keep nonessentials. Cut your storage costs by eliminating unwanted items, and consider giving surplus things to charity.

Man packing boxes onto car

How can you navigate self-storage as a beginner? 

It’s easy to get stuck with organising your stuff properly as a beginner. However, you can ease your burden by planning early and keeping your moving-out date open. And you have nothing to worry about since your storage units can be accessed 24/7. All you need is your padlock to get going. You can also check out these smart tricks to help you organise your items neatly.

Calculate how much space you need

Packing can be overwhelming, so it helps to break down your things into manageable pieces. Begin by figuring out how many items you need to store and the space required. Feel free to consult our size estimator for a fair idea of enough space for you.

Choose the right means to convey your belongings

You can transport your items to the storage unit with your vehicle. Sometimes you may have to hire a van from a moving company to help transport your precious items safely to the storage unit. However, ensure you work with credible companies to avoid damage or loss. 

Call your local storage facility to assist you

Why stress yourself with too much workload when our storage facility can help you? It’s always advisable to pick up the phone, ring the nearest storage site, and organise experts to come to your aid. We can provide boxes, bubble wraps, trolleys and even unpacking assistance.

Label your materials and pack like a boss

Do you want to easily access specific items in your unit without any headaches? If yes, you must label and arrange your properties in order, ensuring you know which unit is best reserved for each item list. Classifying your goods and labelling them before moving is a laudable technique, as this ensures you don’t mix your things up.

What should you consider when choosing a storage unit?

The top factors to keep in mind when choosing your storage facility are:

  • Size: consider the unit’s square footage or volume according to your inventory.
  • Time factor: some facilities operate on a minimum storage or short-term rental basis, like 6 months. Knowing how long you want to keep your things will help you make the right choice.
  • Self-service vs full service: self-service storage options allow you 24/7 access to your unit, while a full-service facility may control your access. If you want more flexibility, you will want to choose self-service over full-service.
  • Location: where you buy your storage unit can determine your costs and ease of access.
  • Temperature: if you own items that require climate control, you can choose a facility that allows you to control the unit’s temperature.
  • Security and surveillance: since your safety is most important, you should choose a storage provider that guarantees maximum security and surveillance. When choosing a storage unit, CCTV cameras for remote video and in-person surveillance are worth considering.

How can you determine the cost of a self-storage unit?

Self-storage costs depend on many metrics, often varying across the United Kingdom. The Self-Storage Association UK (SSAUK) estimated the nationwide average to hover around 24 pounds per square foot in 2021. A monthly storage plan is usually more affordable, so keep this in mind. 

Why should you choose our self-storage units? 

At Mammoth Self-storage, we aim to serve our customers and ensure their satisfaction. Here are some ways our self-service storage will benefit you.

  • Affordability: our units are designed as an affordable means to help you store your vital belongings in a safer environment for any timeframe you desire.  
  • Easy transition between your homes: during your house-moving exercise, inconveniences can challenge you when you have nowhere to keep your belongings. Why not count on us to ease your burden?
  • More space in your home: we help you create breathing spaces in your home by storing some items. You can maximise space in your living area while ensuring your belongings are safe. 
  • Improved security: if you constantly worry about thieves breaking in and stealing your belongings, consider improving your security by storing your most valuable possessions with us.
  • Convenient for students: international students in the UK often find our services greatly rewarding and allow them to safely keep their belongings while jetting off for summer holidays and volunteering missions.

What can you expect from us? 

Trust us to serve you with incredible flexibility. Whether you want to store with us for a month, a year, or two, the choice is always yours. Our biggest unique selling point is our ability to offer a wide variety of secure and cost-effective self-storage unit options to meet the different needs of consumers. If you have been hunting for a more reliable storage facility to keep the stuff you have no space for, look no further than our company. With several decades of experience in the self-storage industry, we are well-equipped to solve the toughest challenges facing your home or business. Get in touch and talk to our team of experts today.