Seasonal Storage Solutions: Safely Storing Winter and Summer Gear

20 November, 2023

Living through several different seasons a year comes with a lot of changes and adaptations to the way you live your daily life. You often have to think more carefully about the clothing you wear during certain times of the year to ensure it’s appropriate for the climate at that time. The weather, particularly in areas of Australia is ever-changing, which can mean swift changes to your wardrobe a couple of times throughout the calendar year. Wearing sandals, t-shirts and shorts during the peak winter season just isn’t going to work, so what do you do with your unused apparel during different seasons?

The Bi-Annual Clothing Switch

Many households resort to pushing storage boxes underneath their bed, cramming unused clothing into a bursting wardrobe for months on end or simply stashing items in a cupboard and forgetting they’re even there for next year. There has to be a simpler and more organised solution when it comes to storing winter and summer gear.

To put it simply, if you store your clothing in a safe, secure, organised and convenient fashion, your seasonal outfits will last longer, remain in good condition and be easier to access when the seasons change again. During those in-between seasons it’s a normal exercise to go through your current clothing stash and put away items that won’t be needed until next season. Whether you’re folding away your fluffy winter warmers or you’re storing your swimwear for the next time the sunshine makes an appearance. There are correct and incorrect methods that go hand in hand with storing your seasonal clothing and it’s time to learn how to do things right once and for all. 

Although these suggestions may be slightly more time-consuming, a little goes a long way when it comes to protecting your clothing and helping them last season after season. In a world of fast fashion and eco-conscious living, it’s time to make your apparel go the extra mile and store it in a mindful way that helps you stay super organised all at the same time.

Start By Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Before you get started with storing your unneeded clothing for the season, you may want to think about getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Most of the time, when you switch your wardrobe from summer to winter you probably realise you don’t actually wear half of the things you own. Now would be the perfect time to donate unwanted items to charity and only hold onto the clothing that you know you will wear in the next year. You may find that some of your seasonal clothing doesn’t fit anymore or it has become outdated. Whatever your reasoning is, it’s important to pare down your wardrobe so that you know exactly how much space you require for your seasonal apparel. If you have a family with children this is especially important as you are much more likely to go through seasonal clothing quickly. It may take you a day or two to organise the clothing you want to keep, but the extra effort will be worth it in the long run.

Only Store Clean and Wearable Clothing

When it comes to finding the right kind of storage for your clothing, not only don’t you want to store clothing you don’t want anymore, you also don’t want to pack away dirty, damaged or broken items. Any seasonal items that you want to store away need to be fully washed and dried before you make a plan for storage. Storing slightly damp clothing is a big no-no as this could cause mould and mildew to form over the year.

Now is also the perfect time to blast away those stains and take a trip to the dry cleaners if you have any specialist items to be cleaned. If you store something that is already dirty or stained, it’s likely that the discolouration will worsen over the year. When you unpack the clothing it may be badly stained or unwearable, so it’s best to deal with these issues now. Once everything has been thoroughly washed and dried you may also want to fix any damaged clothing. Sew up any small holes, re-attach any lost buttons and replace broken zippers, so that you are storing fully functioning and clean clothing ready for the following season.

Invest in Plastic Storage Boxes

When it comes to storing your clothing correctly, it’s always a good idea to invest in plastic storage boxes with clip on lids. This ensures that your clothing is tightly sealed in the box so they can’t be easily infested with rodents or any other unwanted creatures. Although it may be tempting to seal up a tonne of cardboard boxes with your clothing, this won’t help to retain their quality as they are stored for the next year. Cardboard boxes can quickly wear away and become water damaged and clothing can also become easily stained through the nature of cardboard as a material. When packing up your plastic boxes make sure you leave a little bit of extra space so that your clothing can breathe whilst in storage.

storage clothes

Find a Secure Place to Store Your Seasonal Clothing

Now the big question arises, where are you going to store your perfectly packed clothing? You don’t fancy putting them in the cold, damp loft and you don’t have any room in your wardrobes because all of your current clothes are taking up space. With this in mind, you may want to consider renting out a local storage unit to keep your seasonal clothing in top condition.

Not only are storage units extremely secure, but there are also so many local options for you to choose from. Self-storage is becoming more and more popular because it helps to keep clutter to a minimum in your home and it gives you a little extra breathing space so you don’t need to get rid of any of your personal possessions for good. Start your search for storage, Sunshine Coast and you will soon have the perfect place to keep all of your clothing from winter to summer.

Consider Climate and Environment

Luckily, most reputable storage units are climate controlled and will ensure your clothing stays in excellent condition all through the year. Garages, lofts, attic spaces and home storage solutions aren’t climate controlled so are more susceptible to damp, mould and mildew as they are stored throughout the months. The storage space also needs to be relatively dark and away from direct sunlight, otherwise your clothing will begin to fade over time. Keeping the area cool is also a good idea as this will help the clothing to remain well-preserved. The best option is to take a look around some local storage units in your area and see whether they might be a good fit for your requirements.

Fold Clothing Properly for Long-Lasting Results

Once you find the perfect storage space, it might be tempting to simply get a clothing rail and hang up all of your items. However, when you hang clothing for long periods of time, especially knitwear it can quickly start to lose its shape. If you don’t want to stretch or misshapen your beloved items you should definitely consider folding them carefully into a storage box.

Avoid Plastic Bags Where Possible

When you pick up your delicate items from the dry cleaners they’ll probably be handed to you in a clear plastic bag. Many people think that storing their clothing in this type of bag will help to protect it, but it can actually cause dampness to build and even discolouration of the fabric. If you want to store some of your clothing in this way, make sure you use breathable garment bags for suits and formal items.

Think Before You Vacuum Seal

There are so many online trends these days when it comes to home organisation, especially with regards to vacuum sealing clothing. Although the process may look extremely satisfying, it’s not always the best way to take care of your clothing and keep it in the best possible condition. Vacuum packing may save some space in storage but your clothing won’t thank you for being compressed for long periods of time. Air circulation is important for flothing to breathe so keep this in mind if you are thinking of vacuum sealing any of your items. Big winter coats, cashmere jumpers, silk items, duvets, towels and sleeping bags definitely shouldn’t be vacuumed as this will take away their natural shape when they are eventually unsealed.

Find Your Seasonal Storage Unit Here

Hopefully, the ideas, tips and suggestions mentioned above will help you to create a sustainable method for storing your clothing during different seasons. For storage Sunshine Coast there are a number of different service providers to choose from that offer a range of units suitable for your winter or summer apparel. If you’re looking for a secure, climate controlled and convenient place to store your winter and summer threads when you don’t need them, consider Mammoth Self Storage. With several locations in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland there you can discover the best possible storage unit for you. Take a look at the available options today and get your plan in place right away for the next season change!