Moving Freely to that Rock ‘n’ Roll baby!

26 July, 2020

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Introducing Zebra Finch…

Mammoth Storage is a place for people to move freely to where they want to be. We do this by holding onto belongings during the different seasons of people’s lives, while they move houses, start families, lose loved ones, progress in their career or travel. But we also do this by providing space for some pretty killer, up and coming bands.

One being the absolute vibe of a surf rock band who go by the name, Zebra Finch. They are a bunch of multi-instrumental locals who have pulled together their variety of talents to create a sound that is uniquely theirs, all from the comfort of one of our storage sheds in our Forest Glen facility.

The boys are currently working on a number of new singles in Byron Bay and aren’t letting the mess of 2020 stop them from doing what they do best. If your looking for new additions to your chilled arvo playlist than do yourself a favour and find them on Spotify and add their two singles straight on in.

We’ve added six new music studios to our new Caloundra facility to help other bands of the Sunshine Coast to move freely while the entertainment industry takes a beating in the current climate.