Most Popular Self Storage Sizes

20 February, 2024

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In our ever-evolving world, where space is a premium commodity, the demand for self-storage solutions has skyrocketed. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or simply seeking extra space for your belongings, Mammoth Storage emerges as a reliable partner in the quest for a clutter-free life. As we delve into the array of self-storage options offered by Mammoth Storage, we uncover the most popular self-storage sizes, each tailored to meet unique needs.

Our Full Size Range

1. Small and Mighty: 1.5×1.5m Units

For those seeking a compact yet efficient solution, Mammoth Storage offers small storage units in dimensions of 1x1m and 1.5×1.5m. These spaces are perfect for storing seasonal items, small furniture, or a few boxes of belongings. The compact size makes them ideal for customers with limited storage needs or those looking for a short-term storage solution during a move.

These small units provide a secure and cost-effective option, ensuring that even the smallest of spaces can make a big impact when it comes to organising your life. With 24/7 security features and climate-controlled environments, Mammoth Storage guarantees the safety and well-being of your cherished possessions.

2. Versatility in Medium Spaces: 2x2m, 1.5x3m & 3x3m Units

Stepping up in size, Mammoth Storage’s medium-sized units offer versatility for a wide range of storage needs. Whether you’re storing furniture, business inventory, or a mix of household items, these medium-sized units strike the perfect balance between space and affordability.

The 2x2m and 1.5x3m units are well-suited for those looking to store the contents of a small apartment or a roomful of furniture, while the 3x3m units provide ample space for larger items such as sofas, mattresses, and appliances. Mammoth Storage ensures that each unit is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, allowing you to rest easy knowing your possessions are in safe hands.

3. Room to Breathe: 3×4.5m, 3x6m, 3×7.5m Units

When it comes to accommodating larger storage needs, Mammoth Storage steps up to the plate with their large storage units. These spacious storage solutions are perfect for those undergoing major life changes, such as moving to a new home or renovating a current one.

The 3×4.5m units offer enough space to store the contents of a small house or apartment, making them an excellent choice for those in transition. Meanwhile, the 3x6m and 3×7.5m units provide even more room, allowing customers to store the entire contents of a larger home or office space. Mammoth Storage’s commitment to security, accessibility, and climate control remains unwavering, ensuring that your belongings are preserved in top condition.

4. Tailored to Business: Commercial Storage Solutions

Recognising the unique storage needs of businesses, Mammoth Storage goes above and beyond by offering commercial storage solutions. These spaces are designed to accommodate the diverse requirements of businesses, from excess inventory and office furniture to important documents and equipment.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, Mammoth Storage’s commercial storage units provide the flexibility and security necessary for your business assets. With options ranging from compact storage for files to expansive spaces for equipment and inventory, Mammoth Storage enables businesses to optimise their workspace without compromising on security or accessibility.

self storage finding the right fit

Finding The Right Fit

In the pursuit of a clutter-free and organised life, Mammoth Storage stands as a beacon of reliability and flexibility. By exploring the most popular self-storage sizes, ranging from compact 1x1m units to expansive commercial storage solutions, Mammoth Storage caters to the unique needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Whether you’re embarking on a new chapter in life, downsizing your living space, or seeking secure storage for your business assets, Mammoth Storage offers a diverse range of options. With a commitment to top-notch security, climate-controlled environments, and customer satisfaction, Mammoth Storage proves to be the go-to destination for those in search of the perfect fit for their storage needs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organised and spacious life with Mammoth Storage. Book online today!