Benefits Of Putting Vehicles In Self Storage

27 August, 2023

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Do you own more than one vehicle? Perhaps you have invested in a classic car or a luxury vehicle like a boat that you only use occasionally throughout the year? If so, then it’s always going to be beneficial to store it safely in a self storage unit like the ones we offer. Here are some of the incredible benefits of this service. 

Budget Friendly And Scalable 

Are you worried that a self storage unit won’t fit your budget? There’s no need to panic. Self storage solutions are designed to be scalable for a variety of needs. They can be used to store commercial vehicles as well as private cars. You can also choose the size of the unit you need. This means that you’ll never have to pay for more space than you require. Different self storage units charge varied rates. As such, it is in your best interest to complete a thorough search and find the high quality solution that provides the greatest benefits. 

Maintain Value 

Vehicles are always going to be one of your most valuable assets. However, they also depreciate incredibly quickly. This is particularly true if you leave your vehicle outside in all types of weather conditions. If you live on the coast then there will be salt in the air that can cause the body of any vehicle to rust. If you want to preserve the value of your vehicle and keep it in the right condition, then it’s best to keep it indoors as much as you can. Self storage units are the perfect option. 

Save On Insurance 

If your vehicle is not in use, then you won’t want to worry about an expensive insurance premium. Particularly if this is a second car that you only use occasionally through the year. One of the ways to lower your premium is by keeping your vehicle in a locked unit when it’s not in use. Insurance companies will always look favorably on this type of storage solution and will lower your premium as a result. You just need to let your insurance provider know that this is where your vehicle will be kept when it’s not on the road. 

Avoid Cleaning 

Typically, you will need to clean a car every two weeks. This is true regardless of whether you are using the vehicle or not. Dust can build up on your vehicle and grime can quickly become an issue. However, if you keep your vehicle in a self storage unit this won’t be a problem. Instead, you will find that your car, boat or truck remains clean and beautiful for a lot longer. Particularly, if you invest in a high quality cover that you can use when you are storing your car. 

Protection From The Elements 

As mentioned, there are a lot of different elements that can cause damage to your vehicle. If you leave your car out through the winter, then it will be exposed to snow and ice. This can quickly cause the bodywork of your vehicle to deteriorate. Heavy sunlight can cause your car’s paintwork to fade overtime and salt can be completely destructive. If you are not using your vehicle on a daily basis, it’s always best to keep it safe and protected from the elements. This means that your car will look as good as new for years and won’t have to worry about any nasty, expensive repairs. 


Car break ins are incredibly common. This can be an issue regardless of whether you are keeping your vehicle on the street or on a driveway. Criminals will always try their luck. If you have a valuable vehicle, then it’s always in your best interest to protect it the right way. Self storage units have 24/7 surveillance and CCTV systems that are constantly monitored by professionals. 

Additional Options 

When exploring different self storage solutions, it’s always worth assessing the different features that may be available. You might be surprised by the amount of options a self storage unit could provide. For instance, if you are storing a classic vehicle, then you could consider a climate controlled self storage unit. This is the best way to ensure that your car remains in the optimum environment, regardless of what the weather is like outside. There are also storage units that provide additional levels of security which could be necessary for highly valuable vehicles. 

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Seasonal Solution

Self storage companies can also provide a seasonal solution for storing your vehicles. You might have a vehicle that you only use through the summer months. This could include a luxury, soft top sports car. Or, you could have an all-terrain vehicle that you only use during winter due to fuel costs. If so, then it doesn’t make sense to keep a vehicle like this at your home when it’s not in use. Instead, you can leave it in self storage, until the seasons change. 

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Vehicles

You might assume that self storage is only suitable for keeping cars safe away from your home. However, this isn’t the case at all. In reality, this is a highly versatile solution that can be used for a wide variety of uses and vehicles. For instance, you could have a boat that you only use at certain points throughout the year. Self storage is the perfect way to keep a vehicle like this safe and ensure it’s in fantastic condition when you’re ready to use it. 

Frees Up Space At Your Home

Finally, putting your vehicle in self storage will immediately help you free up space around your property. This can help improve your curb appeal, ensuring that your driveway looks far more attractive and less cluttered. It can also mean that you can use your garage for other purposes. If you are keeping additional vehicles in storage, you can transform your garage into a hobby room or a deluxe bedroom. Alternatively, you could use it to store other items that don’t fit inside your property. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key reasons why you should put your vehicles in self storage. We have two vehicle storage locations, one in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast and one in Hervey Bay. If you need vehicle around these areas, contact our team today