Ajuma’s Story

17 February, 2022

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What Being A Business Owner And Making Space For Work and Family Life Looks Like

A business owners to-do list can often make a work-life balance seem elusive. But if you can take the opportunity to make space, having a work-life balance can be moved to the top of the to-do list.

Ajuma Adams, owner of Coast Electrical and Data and Father of two kids, started his business a little over 6 months ago. The hardest challenges were the amount of hours he had to sacrifice with his kids to get the business up and running and having his home and garage full of his work gear.

After moving all of his work gear into a shed at Mammoth Storage, Ajuma has created a space for his family to play as well as a space that separates work and family life which gives him more time to be present with his kids. He has an easily accessible, organised, secure and central spot to meet up with the guys in the morning and move freely from job to job, and is able to give his customers the best possible service.

Ajuma’s now owns a thriving business and never needs to choose between what he loves and where he needs to be because with the right amount of support and a little bit of space, you can make your dreams a reality.

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