Moving your goods into self storage couldn’t be easier thanks to the extensive range of moving supplies that can be found in our box shop. From tea chests to storage boxes and from bubble wrap to packing tape, we’ve got all you need under one roof to pack absolutely anything. Our friendly team are also standing by to offer advice and can even arrange on the spot insurance cover.

Our moving supplies are conveniently placed into categories making it easier for you to select just what you need, plus you can save money too with our bundles and buy 8 boxes get 2 free offers. One piece of advice is to order similar sized boxes since they will stack easier in your storage unit and free up more space.

Packing your stuff into your self storage space isn’t complicated but you’ll need to put some thought into it before you begin. The best thing about using a self storage facility is that it enables you to access your moving boxes unlike at most removalists.

The most important tip we can give you is to pack your storage boxes in such a way that you can find things at a later date without having to unload everything that you’ve put away. As you pack, make a list of where you’ve packed it, and in which box, taking care to label each box on the outside. Finally secure all of your boxes with packing tape before placing them into your storage facility to prevent dust from getting into the contents.

Browse and shop our products below and if you need any help, then just get in touch.

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2.5kg of White Packing Paper
Archive Cardboard Box
Book & Wine Cardboard Box
Brown Packing Tape
Clear Packing Tape
King Mattress Protector
Pack of 10 Glass Protector Socks
Picture & Mirror Cardboard Carton
Queen Mattress Protector
Single Mattress Protector
Tea Chest Cardboard Box

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